Water is the Essence of Life


  • Water is an important substance in our daily lives
  • .Water is a strong solvent .
  • Water is the essence of life without water, life does not exist cos we can go without food but we cannot go without water.

Water is Life

  • Like the earth  our bodies are made up of 70%to 80% .
  • Our 75 trillion blood cells live,thrive, die,repair and receive nourishment throughout this medium. do you know our blood is made up of the highest percentage of water around 94%.
  • So without water our cells would not function well thus result in the system being weak leading to our demise.
  • Water is not the CURE but it is the TOOL your body needs urgently to repair itself.
  • Message is to drink more water.
  • Why is it so important ?Do you agree it is important?
  • Well one of the easiest things you can do to support the healthy elimination of waste is to drink plenty of WATER.


  • Your doctor’s advise is always the same “drink more water”.
  • As we all know “Our kidneys are fantastic waste removers ,they help to get rid of waste products from protein metabolism – uric acid,urea and lactic acid but they need lots of water to accomplish this”
  • Because we excrete lots of water a day just by sweating,urinating and breathing around 2,5 liter for a normal person thus it is much advised to consume no less then 2.5 liter per day for our normal functioning but a 3.5 liter would be bonus for us to Hydrate it properly .
  • Bearing in mind our body system are 86% water.

Water is essence of Life