Wonders of Water

First of all we all are very clear that water is the main component of the human body.Water is the most essential element to life on earth .It’s no magic bullet ,but benefits of water are so many to name off.The amount of water you consume everyday plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body.Do you all agree? But beware” Not All Water are Created Equal”

Think of water as a nutrients your body needs that is present in liquids,plain water,and food.To learn exactly how water is helping us,as well as some creative ways to  use it,you better check out why you should go hydrated right now. 

  1.  Water best anti aging solution stay hydrated nourish your skin .

    Drinking water hydrates skin cells and plumps them up making us look younger.Fine lines and wrinkles are deeper when you’re dehydrated.Water is nature’s own beauty cream .It improves circulation and blood flow helping you skin to glow making your face look younger.Finally drinking enough water each day gives you younger looking skin .

  2.  Stay slimmer with water.

    Trying to loose weight? Water aids in weight loss.Anyone looking to loose weight could be help by upping their water intake .Replace calorie- filled beverages with   water prior to meals can  acts as an appetite suppressant.Causing you to eat less thus, we lose weight faster than those who do not drink water.We always mistaken thirst for hunger , thus extra H2O helps to boost our metabolism and burn up more calories throughout the day.And hence supports weight loss efforts.

  3. Water is an excellent detoxifer .

    Water keeps things moving,it helps to flush of toxins from our bodies.. and it get rid of waste primarily through sweat and urine. Drinking enough water helps in digestion and prevents constipation.Thus reduce the burden on the kidneys and liver by helping to flush out waste products.Water helps to dilutes the minerals and detoxify our system .

  4. Build muscle tone with water. Drinking water and stay hydrated prevent muscle cramping and lubricates joints.In addition to sustaining you through your workout, your muscles are about 75% water which acts as an electrolyte. Since water helps to lubricate your joints, so stay hydrated to preventing injury while we are working out or gaining more muscles mass. Water keeps the cartilage around our joints hydrated and supple,ensuring that our joints stay lubricated.It also protect our spinal cord and tissue keeping us healthy  from inside out.Do you know that the rubbery material that coats the bones is about 85 percent water.Stay hydrated to keep this protective material healthy.

  5.  Water boosts your energy.

    Water helps fight fatigue.one rule is if you feel thirsty,you’re already dehydrated. Dehydration makes you feel tired.And that dehydration can cause your body to releases a stress hormone call cortisol.Thus when you feel stressed,can’t focus,or get irritated easily and feeling tired just get to the habit of drinking more water.You will be surprise how it aids your system and give you back your energy to boost your performance back to normal.Water energizes us thus feeling tired is one of the first signs of dehydration and just by filling back the H2O could zap the sleepiness. So if you’re need to concentrated for a long time keep water handy to help you stay refreshed ,hydrated and focused.Dehydration can impair your attention span,memory and motor skills.

  6.  Lower stress and headaches with water .

    About 70% to 80 % of your brain tissue is water.If you are dehydrated your body and your mind are stressed. Drinking water helps to prevent headaches naturally too. Going without water for too long causes headaches for some people,and has been identified as a migraine trigger.  The good way to prevent headaches is to stay hydrated throughout the day.And if you have been hit with a dehydration -triggered headache, water is the best remedy .Drinking four cups of water can give you relief within one or two hours. 

  7.  Drinking water has been linked to the heart  health.

    Can drinking water keep ourhealth healthy ?There seem to be a link between risk of death from coronary heart disease and water intake.The right amount of water will help your heart pump your blood more effectively .And water help your blood transport oxygen and other nutrients to your cells . 

    You won’t want to miss out on this.Let’s recap by watching this short video All you need to know about water. 


Anti-Aging(The Fountain of Youth)

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  • Are  you are trying to remove or minimize wrinkles?
  • At one time, in your youth, you enjoyed wrinkle-free days, but as you aged, the lines and crowfeet began to develop.
  • Now you feel it is time to find a solution to gain back your youth.The fact is, regardless of what aging solution is available proclaiming to reduce or get rid of wrinkles, some of the wrinkles will remain in tact.
  • You can never disturb nature completely.
  • At what time you awaken as you grow sagging skin, wrinkles and other aging issues develop.
  • Some people cover their face, and try to hide the wrinkles around the upper chest area.
  • Even as you are in your fifties the need to look good continues, in fact it increases.

Thus people then start to find solutions to minimizing or getting rid of the wrinkles. Once you turn on the tube, visit the internet, or else go to the local stores trying to forget the wrinkles ads crop up that remind you over again that you are growing older.

  • Do you worry about dry skin, injuries, smoke, sun, cold weather, tanning beds and other harmful elements in the world causing wrinkles to develop faster than nature allows?
  • If so, you’re definitely not alone.
  • The way anti-aging products are flying off the shelf in today’s marketplace, it would seem that many have the same concerns.
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  • Anti aging solutions 
  • Anti Aging and Major cause of premature aging
  • Anti aging and growing old gracefully

Skin Hydration is A Major Cause of Premature Aging.

  • Your skin is the biggest organ in our body .
  • If our bodies organs shut down with a lack of water , imagine the damage you are doing to your skin through dehydration.
  • Dehydration in the skin weakens it’s defense and create skin sensitivity,irritation and premature aging.

Anti-Aging Solutions :The market has a variety of anti-aging solutions to select. However, most claim their product works better than other products do, therefore finding the best product for your skin is determined on your skin type, and the reviews available.


  • Aging is a process of growing old, yet today the world is filled with chaos while searching for answers, since aging processes are speeding up at rapid paces.
  • At one time, it was not uncommon to see a 70-year old woman or man with wrinkles, but it certainly was uncommon to see a person in their early twenties with lines, wrinkles, or other aging signs.
  • Times has changed, therefore everyone is looking for the answers to slow the process of aging.
  • Good luck finding you product!

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  • Learn the  secrets to anti aging the fountain of youth .
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  • This 7 minutes video update us on what scientific water research and benefits gain from drinking these unique electrolyzed reduced and hydrogen rich drinking water.  
  • How hydration can aid us, I mean in  the celluar level.
  •  Water is a life- giving element that is often overlooked.     


Innovative Water Technology by our Unique Device.

Why Changing Your Water Really can Change Your Life

“The Fish Bowl Metaphor by Dr.Dave Carpenter’s favorite water metaphor.”

  • He compare our environment to that of a fish bowl universe
  • When the fish consume the food it put back its waste into the water,thus creating more toxic environment.
  • What take place is that due to pollution and evaporation the fish get sick but in no way of a possibility for detoxification.
  • What is the solution ?
  • Are you going to give medication to the fish?
  • So how are you going to aid the ailing fish?
  • Most logical solution is to just change the water for the fish .
  • If it can help the fish it can help us too, thus
                  JUST CHANGE THE WATER
  • Our cells need water in order to facilitate the detoxification process.
  • Dehyrated Organs such as the Liver/colon/kidney/bladder/skin/lung/lymphatic system all need water and if it is not abundantly supplied ,wastes build up and detoured to arteries/joints and fatty acid clots up the blood and the liver.

Following Mayo Clinic an average adult loses 10 cups of water daily.

  • Daily dehydration through breathing ,perspiring,urine  and eliminating waste.
  • It is thus vital to our health to provide it with sufficient amount of water to hydrated it back .
  • Not all water are created equal thus for celluar level but  make sure it is electrolyzed reduced and hydrogen rich drinking water for optimal health .

Doctors are talking about   electrolyzed reduced and hydrogen rich drinking water ,so it is just logical why every household need or should have this unique  device.The pH level determines the usage.Water is a life giving element that most of us overlook.

What is in this device system that is so unique ? Maintain your health with the correct water do not drink just any water.

      Innovative Water Technology  of our Unique Device.

Micro Clustered for superior Absorption :  It is higher assimilation of water  to body organs and cells,promoting hydration that are unparalleled.

Antioxidant/negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential): Powerful antioxidants which are 6-8 times more powerful than green tea. It slows down aging and Neutralize free radicals that are primary causes of degenerative diseases. 

Alkalizing – High pH level: alkalize the body  by enabling organ functions to be stable in disease prevention and restores our body optimal health

Detoxifying: Having all the above properties ,it helps to cleanse the colon and support the digestive health and aid in the  elimination of waste.



Chiropractor suggest Alkaline Ionized Water


  • A short video interview from Dr. Timothy Goodwin D.C., a 10-year chiropractor, explaining how alkaline ionized  water, help to solve health problems and show better results.
  • Our body is self healing Our body is self regulating  by itself
  • How ever  we need to be present to the facts that we are living in a very toxic enviroment. 



Water is the Essence of Life


  • Water is an important substance in our daily lives
  • .Water is a strong solvent .
  • Water is the essence of life without water, life does not exist cos we can go without food but we cannot go without water.

Water is Life

  • Like the earth  our bodies are made up of 70%to 80% .
  • Our 75 trillion blood cells live,thrive, die,repair and receive nourishment throughout this medium. do you know our blood is made up of the highest percentage of water around 94%.
  • So without water our cells would not function well thus result in the system being weak leading to our demise.
  • Water is not the CURE but it is the TOOL your body needs urgently to repair itself.
  • Message is to drink more water.
  • Why is it so important ?Do you agree it is important?
  • Well one of the easiest things you can do to support the healthy elimination of waste is to drink plenty of WATER.


  • Your doctor’s advise is always the same “drink more water”.
  • As we all know “Our kidneys are fantastic waste removers ,they help to get rid of waste products from protein metabolism – uric acid,urea and lactic acid but they need lots of water to accomplish this”
  • Because we excrete lots of water a day just by sweating,urinating and breathing around 2,5 liter for a normal person thus it is much advised to consume no less then 2.5 liter per day for our normal functioning but a 3.5 liter would be bonus for us to Hydrate it properly .
  • Bearing in mind our body system are 86% water.

Water is essence of Life


Media Reports

Bottled water is bad for the environment.According to the National Geographic


1:”Bottled water is a drain on the environment. The U.S. public goes through about 50 billion water bottles a year,and most of those plastic containers are not recycled.Transporting the bottles and keeping them cold also burns fossil fuels, which gives off greenhouse gases”Estimated 1500 plastic bottles are consume and dump away each year.Do you know that it will take 1000 years for plastic to degrade.posing health threats.






Japan News–Miracle Water Amazing Healing

 JAPAN NEWS ——– “Miracle Water Amazing Healing”

“Water is our main element and also the most powerful natural remedy to purify and regenerate our body!” Dr Shinya, Physician

  “Change Your Water Change Your Life “


Japan News –THE Amazing Healing  Miracle Water



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Why Detox ? Detox is the Buzz words


  • Detoxification is extremely important because we are surrounded and live in a very  toxic world.
  • The air we breath in,t he food we eat, the water we drink,the soil we grow our vegetables and even in our own home we are surrounded by toxins.
  • The people who can stay healthy the longest are the one who detoxify on a regular basis.
  • Are you thinking about trying to detox?
  • But are unsure exactly what the benefits are?
  • Well when done with the correct method in a healthy, safe and controlled environment ,can result in a wide range of positive effects.
  • Still not convinced? Detoxing can help under the right circumstances.
  • A sad fact in today’s modern culture is that everyone’s body is highly acidic. Do you agree?
  • More then 80,000 hazardous chemical  pollute the air we breathe,the water we drink the food we eat ,the skin products we apply on our face/body, and not forgetting the household cleaning products we disinfect ourselves  with.
  • Do you agree we are flooded with these contamination and our body constantly  struggling to flush out  these toxic wastes.?
  • To maximize Health Benefits in the 21st century requires periodic or rather daily cleansing cycles to help clear these unwanted so call waste from our body systems.
  • Isn’t it time to take matters into our own hands and start to educate ourselves and the  people around us be it our loved ones or friends or strangers on real prevention instead of waiting for treatments when it happen.
  • Don’t you think prevention is better then cure? It could save our life or someone you love and care.
  • As we know our entire system is made up of 70% to 80% of water.


Water is universal understood  as the best detox element and drinking quality water itself is the best solution to a Healthy lifestyle.
Detox is what the whole market is yelling about .
But if today I can show to you how a discipline daily intake of   electrolyzed reduced and hydrogen rich drinking water can be the fastest, non -invasive and effective way .

Are you interested to know more ? Don’t you think prevention is better then cure?  As has been much mention the best way to detox is through water but it’s important to get the facts correct,which water are we referring .

We are using ionized restructured water and some of the known benefits that I personally encounter are weight loss,clearer skin,more energy,mental clarity,better digestion,better sleep,delay aging ,well the list go on and on just to name  a few.

The intake  and amount and time you consume is taken into consideration because  you don’t expect that by  drinking one or two glasses you have detoxed, or drinking coffee or juice or alcohol is consider replacement.

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One of the easiest things you can do to support the healthy daily elimination of toxins is to drink plenty of quality water.  Through Water is not the CURE but it is the TOOL your body needs urgently to repair itself.
My Message is to drink more quality  water.

Why is it so important ?

DO you agree it is important?


Well one of the easiest things you can do to support the healthy elimination of waste is to drink plenty of quality Water.
As we all know “Our kidneys are fantastic waste removers ,” they help to get rid of waste products from protein metabolism -uric acid,urea and lactic acid but they need lots of water to accomplish this task.
Drinking enough Quality Water is equally important because  we excrete lots of water a day just by sweating,urinating and breathing approximately  2,5 liter for a normal person thus it is much advised to consume no less then 2.5 liter per day for our normal body functioning. Having said that a 3.5 liter would be added bonus to optimize hydration.

          “Change your Water Change Your Life”

What Doctor have to say : Water Keys To The Brain


     “Change your Water Change Your Life”


  • Water is essential for life,but it is often overlooked.
  • It’s critical not only to drink water alone ,but most important to drink the right water !
  • Water is the most important substance in the world .
  • Without water there is no survival.
  • Basis Vital Health is to drink as much of Quality Water as possible.
  • Our bodies are make up of  80% water, for Optimum Health and Survival it is critical to stay well hydrated.
  •  “Not all  Water Are Created Equal”

What  Doctor have to say :   Water Keys To The Brain


What doctors are saying about Electrolyzed Reduced Water

“Change your Water Change Your Life”

Hear what Doctors are thinking………………….


DR. DAVE CARPENTER ” On why this is the Machine !


 Doctors view on Optimum Health .What Doctors are talking about !Very informative and valuable research by the Doctors.

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  • Dr. Hiromi Shinya and his diet for health Kangen Electrolyzed Reduced and hydrogen rich drinking water.
  • Hiromi Shinya is a Japanese-born general surgeon.
  • He pioneered modern colonoscopic techniques, and invented the electrosurgical polypectomy snare now common on colonoscopes, allowing for removal of colon polyps without invasive surgery