Revolutionize your Lifestyle with Alkaline Ionizer Restructured Water


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Antioxidant / Negative ORP

  • Neutralize free radicals.
  • Oxidation is a natural occurrence,as and when we see a cut apple turning brown or a nail turning rusty
  • It is called aging when these occurs in our body
  • Having a very high negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) it mean it has surplus of electrons,contains active Hydrogen atom can help to improve optimal health.
  • This result in the  Water having the ability to neutralizing harmful “Free Radicals”.
  • On the other hand soft drink or mineral bottle drink in contrast would have a positive ORP and a frequent intake of these drinks will increase the Oxidation in the body rather than reducing it .
  • Thus for optimal Health it is advisable to drink water with a strong Negative ORP rather then positive ORP because oxidation is the cause of aging process. In human system, oxidation  damage plays a huge role in many of our modern down to day diseases such as diabetes,high blood pressure,cholesterol,cancer & etc………………..
Well on the other hand Antioxidants act as an agent to tame the free radicals in the body that have potential risk to harm our cells and cause damage.

Not only will these prevent premature aging and age related disease, it will  help you to feel better and more energetic physically, mentally and emotionally.

Alkalizing – to achieve  Alkaline pH level of 8.5 to 9.5  

  • How is it done in our home.
  • Well scientist have discovered that running water through electrolysis process, positive minerals are attracted to the negative plate thus producing mineral rich  Alkaline Ionized restructure water, while the negative elements are attracted to positive plate and thus resulting in acidic water.
  • Alkaline Ionized restructure water  are for drinking.
  • Alkaline Ionized restructure water are all alkaline in ph level but  you will notice that most bottled water are acidic in ph level.
  • A properly alkalized body may not only restore your health, it may restore your entire sense of well-being.
  • We often forsake our health for convenience in today’s world, and in turn we suffer.
  • But the beauty is that all can be reverse it is just up to us to give our self that  change.”Change your Water Change your Life”

Micro – Clustered for superior Hydration &Absorption :

  • Micro-clustered or hexagonal water means greater capacity and effectiveness for hydrating the cells and carrying energy throughout the day.
  • It also facilitate in the transportation of nutrients and assists in the  removal of waste thus support in the process of metabolism.
  • So when one is drinking water with an increase volume it does not feel bloated or uncomfortable.super-hydrating at the cellular level. this is because they are sometimes referred to as “restructured”or electrolyzed  structured water . Better call Electrolyzed  Reduced Water (E.R.W)

 Detoxifying :

  • With all the above properties Alkaline Ionized restructure water, supports  and help in our digestive Health and Elimination of Wastes.
  • It is the best cleansing Tool, it helps to cleanse the colon.blood, kidney, liver cut short our whole system to achieve optimum health .
  • Water is essential for optimum health .
  • There is no doubt that Alkaline Ionized restructure water is an essential part of healthy living, it aids in detoxification which is extremely important because we live in a toxic world.
  • Toxins are everywhere,in the air we breath, food we eat and even in our own home.
  • My advise is to stay healthy one need to detoxify on a daily and  regular basis.

Here I am going to share how easy it is and how effective. It may be difficult to completely change your diet, or get to the gym. everyday .

  • But changing your water is as easy as ordering and hooking the vitality up to the tap.
  • There is no doubt that water is essential part of healthy living as we all know but unfortunately most of our tap water are often contaminated with chemical byproducts.

Make it your goal to drink more water  throughout the day! Staying Hydrated aids in digestion, helps to flushes out toxins, helps to boost energy, promotes healthy heart and healthy kidney . To summarize  to achieve optimum  health it is essential to drink plenty of water and on a daily detox basis. Are you sure you are providing your family with healthy water?

“Not all water are created equal.”

Health care is our Responsibility.

We share because we care

“The Best Doctor gives the Least medicine” Benjamin Franklin

 F. Batmanghelidj M.D, author of “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water”, explains the importance of staying hydrated with quality water in his book .

Water for Better Health .New Discovery why it is Nature's Miracle Medicine ,Simple,Safe &Effective.